Were you unfortunately flooded and need to claim on your insurance?


So all the snow is starting to melt and if your unfortunate enough to get flooded and need to claim on your insurance here are a few things you should do….

1. Insist on carpets and underlay being extracted of water before they lift them, ideally store them somewhere that will allow them to dry.

2. Dehumidifiers alone are NO good for flood restoration they merely catch atmospheric moisture, you need an air mover or a dryer, something that circulates air and raises that moisture in the air. You must have this or it will take days sometimes weeks, this time of the year, to dry.

3. Do not settle for being palmed off with using your heating to aid the drying process, yes it can help but insist on number point No.2. Why should you have to have your heating on 24/7?

4. The most important point really, before any action is taken or equipment installed (dryers, dehumidifier, or whacking your heating on)


Often your insurance will not take the extra usage in to consideration….. and if you have not then you will in effect be paying for the damage to be repaired, in that case go to a tool hire place and hire an air mover or/and a dehumidifier it’ll likely be cheaper than your excess and your heating bill.

5. Prior to all this ASK what they plan to do and question why if they dispute any of the above…..it makes sense to do it the way I’ve outlined.

Please feel free to share this anywhere you may think that’s affected or at risk of flooding and there or may need to use their insurance.

Alternatively, if you are in the North East and we can advise contact us today.