Carpet Cleaning Gateshead

Based in the North East of England, Magic Carpets provide the best carpet cleaning Gateshead has to offer.

Magic Carpets is happy to provide carpet cleaning in Gateshead and the surrounding areas.
Is your carpet heavily soiled? We will use a pre-treatment to begin loosening any ground-in dirt and depending upon the materials used in the construction of your carpet, we use either hot or cold water and a specially formulated powder which is sprayed onto the carpet, which absorbs and lifts any dirt. Then using a powerful commercial vacuum, we then extract the dirt and water from the carpet, leaving it near dry and smelling fresh. This water-based cleaning system is the only one recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers in the world.

Important reasons for regular carpet cleaning:

 Can restore a ‘like-new’ appearance, saving money on replacement.
Dirt and grit in carpets can be abrasive when walked upon, cutting into fibres and causing premature wear. Tests prove that regular cleaning will prolong the life of your carpet.
Professional carpet cleaning removes contaminants from carpet eg. pollen, air pollution, cigarette smoke, bacteria, fungus etc. These become ingrained in the carpet and upholstery from clothes that have been in an outdoor environment. Breathing difficulties can also be exaggerated by these same contaminants.