Drives & Patios.

Commercial and domestic block paving, driveway and patio cleaning...

When was the last time your paved area looked good?

picture of drive

Probably just after it was laid!

But now with Magic Carpets your block paved, hard surfaces,
forecourts, car parks and access areas can once again look as good as new.

Our professional cleaning service is purposely designed to restore
driveways, paths and patios by providing a unique deep cleaning system
using a 'chemical free' industrial strength pressure washer system.

picture of cleaning machine

The system is effective enough to remove unsightly tyre marks, chewing gum,
most oil stains, weeds/moss and slippery algae.

Restoring surfaces to "as good as new".

All hard surfaces can be catered for:

  • Block Paving Areas & Driveways.
  • Patios & Paths.
  • Concrete.
  • Tarmac.
  • Stone & Brick Walls.

With our generated power system we can carry out the work without you
needing to be present providing we have access to a water point, allowing
you the freedom to book work without the inconvience to yourself of having
to stay at home.

We can also supply and brush in the kiln dried sand once the surfaces are dry
(usually the next day) or as some customers prefer (to keep cost down) simply
clean the blocks and leave for themselves to supply and brush in.

In addition to deep cleaning your hard surface, Magic Carpets can also
seal your hard surface with a polymer sealer.

This will prolong the cleanliness of your hard surface for up to 3 years.
The sealer is also “low odour” enabling sealing to be carried out in close
proximity to livestock/pets.

The sealer will also enable your hard surface to be pressure wash machine
cleaned more efficiently keeping that “new look” longer.

All of our work is fully guaranteed and we are comprehensively insured.

Please call to arrange for a friendly free no obligation quotation.

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